Tree Surgeons in Guildford with the Eco-Friendly Approach

Total Tree Care Services take immense satisfaction in the low environmental impact our tree surgery services in Guildford have on the surrounding areas. When you use us for hedge cutting, tree felling or general tree maintenance work, our tree surgeons will have already considered the importance of the ecosystem and how to improve it through their work.


Because Guildford is well-known for having a forward-thinking outlook, it gives our tree surgeons even greater impetus to push further towards a carbon-neutral status.


As most people know, trees are an important part of our surroundings because they help to produce the oxygen which helps us breathe. Our tree surgeons take this basic element into account when helping customers in the Guildford area, and get them to understand the balance of a good environment and how everyone can make a difference to the planet.


When our tree surgery company is undertaking hedge cutting or tree felling work, certain measures we use continue to help the local environment in Guildford. Biodegradable chainsaw oil is chosen to control emissions and we use handsaws to cut down on machinery use. These are just two ways of reducing our own carbon footprint for our children.


Our tree surgeons also recycle logs and woodchip from chopped trees and stumps, and hedge cutting waste is reduced to make mulch, a means of helping plant growth.


Tree felling is usually the last resort for any woodland management program in the Guildford area because it can have a devastating effect on your immediate environment if handled badly. Our tree surgeons will go the extra mile to limit any possible knock-on effects. Using sectional dismantling causes less damage to surrounding plants and trees, and we always promote tree reduction rather than removal wherever possible.


Another major conservation issue is protecting wildlife, such as birds, when undertaking tree surgery work. If, for any reason, our tree surgeons are unable to carry out tree surgery services in Guildford due to nesting birds, we inform the client immediately. This also applies to hedge cutting. Because more and more birds are nesting in unusual places, we always take great care when undertaking any task in and around your garden.

For more information about our eco-friendly policies, or to book tree surgeons for work at your Guildford property, call 01252 641797.

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